Thứ Năm, 20 tháng 10, 2016

The Scooba 5800 – Give Your Back a Break

Not only is cleaning tiresome, but sometimes it’s painful. When you think of vacuuming or mopping the floors in your home, the first thing you may think of is the pain in your back. Well, you may have heard of the iRobot company that produces the Roomba vacuuming robot. That’s a great help if you don’t like to vacuum. However, if you’re looking for something that will mop the floors, you’re in luck. The Scooba 5800 is a robot that will mop those floors for you. It vacuums, cleans, and dries your floors so you don’t have to do a thing.

You’ll find that the 5800 model is the base model. It’s round, and fairly small, and it may not look like much at first. At almost three and a half inches tall, it’s not large, and the entire diameter only measures to be 14.6 inches around. The encasement is blue and made of plastic, but it’s what’s on the inside that is so important. Inside this machine there’s a small vacuum, brushes, water tanks, and yes, there’s even a squeegee.

The Scooba 5800 uses sophisticated technology, but even so, it’s still easy for anyone to use it. You’ll find a simple touch pad that controls the machine, one turning on the power and one that gets the robot going on the job. With just a push of the button, your robot will be off and getting to work on the mopping that needs done.

Sensors are included in the Scooba that help keep it from running into walls or furniture in your home. It has artificial intelligence included that allows it to figure out the best way to clean your floors and what patterns to use. While they usually don’t get stuck, if it does, it begins to beep. You should be able to hear it and free it. Just move it away from the problem and allow it to get back in the cleaning groove.

The noise of the Scooba 5800 is the main drawback that people have noticed. No doubt you know how a vacuum sweeper sounds when it’s on. Well, the robot is just about that loud. You’ll probably want to find another room to relax in while the robot is working so that you don’t have to deal with all the noise. You won’t have to worry. If there is a problem or the tanks are empty, it will start beeping. Then you can go out and take care of the issue and let it get back to work.

When you first get your cleaning robot for mopping floors, ensure that you allow it to charge before you use it. It will only take four hours in many cases, but it’s recommended that you allow it to charge up for the first time all night for the best results. You’ll find that the tanks in the machine are detachable. This allows you to easily fill them up, clean them, and dump out the old water.

While you may not be used to a robot doing your cleaning, you’ll really find that the Scooba 5800 does an excellent job. The edges are a bit of a problem in some cases, but it still does an overall great job for you. The machine will cost you several hundred dollars to purchase, which may seem a bit expensive to you. However, just think about how bad your back aches each time your mop. With this machine you can kick back and have some relaxation while the machine does all the work.